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AFAS is known for its extensive functionalities and has proven to be a valuable asset for companies in various industries. With the ERP system, they offer a helping hand in the areas of administration, HRM and order management. Integrating AFAS with other systems ensures that companies always have consistent access to relevant data. This allows them to make AFAS part of the ecosystem, making the most of all the functionality the software offers. With integrations, you can avoid errors caused by manual operations, and as a company, you can ensure that you are more efficient with time.

The benefits
By integrating AFAS with your ecosystem, you can leverage your programs in a much more efficient way. Data no longer needs to be retyped, allowing you to work faster and reducing errors. For example, a marketing team can take full advantage of a CRM system by receiving customer data from AFAS. And so an e-commerce platform can function optimally because, based on an
AFAS integration
, can always show the correct inventory to customers.

At APIcenter, you have access to a live dashboard where everything is clearly displayed. With competitor integrations, you often have no insight when an order is not properly advanced. You will then have to contact the company responsible for the integration to find out what is going wrong. APIcenter’s dashboard immediately displays the notification of what is going wrong, and where the problem is occurring. Moreover, you can even receive notifications to keep up to date on integration status.

AFAS and E-commerce
An AFAS with e-commerce enables automatic order processing, updating inventory levels and sharing shipping information. When an order has been created in your online shop, you can synchronize this order data directly to your AFAS environment. Consider, for example, instantly synchronizing customer name, SKU and shipping address. But it also works the other way. Customer data can be synchronized from AFAS to your e-commerce platform, such as Magento or Shopify.

Data on products, such as product descriptions, prices, inventory levels, can be sent from AFAS to a CRM. In addition, contact information such as customer names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers can be synchronized directly with a CRM system. This ensures that you can access relevant information about customers and potential customers from a CRM system.

Manual and error-prone operations are a thing of the past. In addition, you can easily add a new application with an existing integration. This offers countless opportunities. For example, consider integration with marketplaces, allowing you to easily expand your outlets. When APIcenter adds a new application, you can integrate it effortlessly, expanding your market. Work more efficiently and integrate your own systems in the APIcenter dashboard.

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