APICenter solutions for point of sale (POS)

It’s not only webstores that can benefit from APIs. Look at any physical location that has a point-of-sale system, and there is a need for integrations. For in-store sales and purchases, including supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations, etc., there are a number of tasks that can be managed more effectively with APIs.

point of sale

In a physical location, product data needs to be scanned, credit and debit cards are swiped, pin numbers entered, receipts printed. Just because the actions aren’t carried out online, it doesn’t mean there is a solution that saves time and improves efficiency. Integrations in point-of-sale systems reduce manual inputs and, therefore, the risks of human error. 

Integrations in POS systems are even more necessary when there are multiple locations. Supermarket chains can not only manage stock better, but they can also integrate accounting solutions for more control over cash flow. 

Considering the importance of ERP systems for all businesses, we can help you integrate your POS system with your ERP system. Your ERP system will be managing accounts, acquisitions, as well as processes specific to your business. It makes sense to combine this with all of your sales and orders. Each order taken in the physical location can be updated on your webshop and/or marketplace or any other system you wish for us to integrate. 

Buffalo Wings created a Sales Data API that allowed relevant staff to request beer sales for a particular location. Their Create Item API created a new item record in the master data management system automatically. And the Create Ticket API allowed relevant staff to request tickets for new beer requests. What used to take days was achieved within hours. 

But it doesn’t have to end there; what about integrating a loyalty program with your POS system? Or even social media integration? These can help customize your service, increase communication with customers, and therefore engagement.

A POS API should be able to integrate any of your existing systems, from product promotions to batch transactions, refunds, discounts, even tax calculations. It should also be able to automate processes and bring out the best of your current tech stack. If you have an idea for your POS system that isn’t already in our collection of more than 1000 APIs, contact us, and we can get planning.