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Link your own SaaS package with APIcenter

As a software company, you want to focus on creating the best software for your customers. Making integrations with other software is not part of your core business. Customers today increasingly want to integrate other systems.

If your application supports API, APIcenter may be able to create an integration with the software. Once the one-time integration is set up, your application is connected to all the apps we support by default. Such as major web shops, ERP systems, CRM systems, POS systems, marketplaces and many more.

Make your software more interesting to new customers and make current customers happier. We create your ecosystem.


Integrate your SaaS package with leading e- commerce systems such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopware, Prestashop, Lightspeed, BigCommerce, CCV Shop, Mijnwebwinkel, Ecwid and many more. Synchronize products, customers, inventory and orders.


Sell your products daily on marketplaces such as, Amazon and many more. This is facilitated in part by APIcenter itself and also through various marketplace partners. Save time and money by synchronizing products and orders with marketplaces.


Connect ERP systems such as AFAS, Exact Online, Business Central, ODOO, and many more easily through the APIcenter wizard. Set up the basics in 15 minutes and adjust settings as desired, including business rules and data mapping. No more custom integration required.

Point of sale systems

Integrate your POS system such as Lightspeed POS, Winstore, Mplus and more, sync products from your SaaS package to the POS and sync orders back. Also synchronize inventory so your POS system is always up to date!


Integrate your Product Information Management system with your SaaS package. Automatically transfer products from your ERP system and then enrich data in your PIM package. Also suitable for large amounts of data. Systems such as Parts PIM and Plytix are supported.


In addition to integrating e-Commerce systems, marketplaces, CRM packages, POS systems and PIM systems, it is also possible to integrate other systems. Consider marketing automation systems, review packages and the like.

Some of the APIcenter SaaS package integrations




Benefits of APIcenter SaaS package integrations


Fully automate your work process with an integration:

  • Orders
  • Products
  • Stock
  • Customers
  • Invoices
  • Pricing

Glass box

All data visible. No black box anymore in your integration!

  • All activity insightful
  • Both inbound and outbound
  • No code platform
  • Set up business rules
  • Comprehensive data mapping
  • Clear dashboard


Several advanced features are available:

  • Advanced customizations
  • Easy wizard
  • Application-specific settings
  • Debugging capabilities
  • Send activity again
  • Customize endpoints (advanced)


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