APICenter solutions for marketplace

While you may think that marketplace integrations are only really necessary for E-Commerce stores, a great number of other industries can also turn to marketplaces to sell their products, even when online sales aren’t their main source of revenue. Book publishers can turn to marketplaces; massage therapists can sell their unique homemade products on marketplaces for a certain niche. 


With the ability to integrate some of the most marketplaces into your website, you have a potential audience of millions, something that would normally take years to achieve. Suppose you have established your business in your local market.

In that case, you might be ready to take things to a national or international audience—what better way than reaping the advantages of existing marketplaces. But there are more benefits to marketplace APIs!

You have the opportunity to take data from your chosen marketplace and integrate it with other systems, whether that’s a webstore, POS, or ERP. Prices that you set on marketplaces can be updated in real-time, as can your inventory. Rather than having two separate product information management systems, you can manage product data and categories in a single location and enjoy integrating this with your marketplace product information management system. There are numerous advantages to having your data in one location; you can save time, reduce errors, and improve the customer experience. 

SaaS providers can also optimize their services with marketplace integration. APIs can be used for shipping management, marketing automation, and dropship automation. For B2B E-Commerce SaaS solutions, marketplace integrations can also sync multiple data sets for a streamlined process. 

With all that in mind, marketplace integrations are notorious for being more complex. Each marketplace can have its own criteria and policies for account management and even product data. To complicate things more, they can also have varying processes and different systems to integrate with. eBay has different data formats for orders and products. But there is no need for you to take on these complexities. 

The APIcenter can help you with your marketplace integrations, so you can focus your efforts on your business growth. We can help with the integrating marketplaces like Amazon, Rakuten, and Bol.com with your current web shop, EPR systems, and more and we will also sync your systems for you.