APIcenter offers multiple support subscriptions. You can reach us via tickets or we can schedule a call with you. In addition, the APIcenter also offers a care package, so we set up the link for you.

Support subscriptions

Why do you want support subscriptions?

self service

Make your own connection in the APIcenter. The Wizard will guide you through the process.


  • User guide and documentation
  • Training webinars
  • Getting started videos

SLA Basic

Support by email within 8 hours on business days.

29 / MO

  • Replies to your email within 8 hours on business days
  • Support by email and ticket system
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Support by email and phone within 6 hours on business days.

59 / MO

  • Replies to your email within 6 hours on business days
  • Support by email, ticket system and phone
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Contact us for a custom SLA.


149 / MO

  • Replies to your email within a time frame we can agree upon
  • Possibility on 24/7 support
  • Support by email, ticket system and phone
  • Dedicated customer success manager
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No time to link your
link yourself?

The link is set up by an APIcenter specialist. After consultation with a consultant, we will create the account for you and set the API data for both systems. The desired flows are then set up and fully configured. Advanced settings are also set and consideration is given to the optimal use of the coupling. After a thorough test phase, the link will go live in consultation.

Care package
  • Consultancy
  • Basic setup
  • Configure Flows
  • Test link
  • Extensive online meetings
  • Live guide
  • Max 16 hours

Purchase consultancy

Why take consultancy?
Optimize process in your company between both systems. How can you automate your business process as efficiently as possible? If this is sharp you are already at 70% of setting up the clutch.

1 hour

Professional who thinks along and gives advice in your process of your connection

2 hours

Professional who thinks along and gives advice in your process of your connection


Support frequently asked questions

What are flows?

Data from one system to the other system are defined by APIcenter as flows. Examples of flows are order flows, stock flows and product flows.Where APIcenter sends data from orders in the order flows, stock information in the stock flows and products in the product flows. Flows can differ per app. Most webshops can handle orders, stock- and products. But when an integration is setup with a payment system for instance, then other flows will apply.

What are apps?

An app is the software where APIcenter connects with. APIcenter connects with wide range of apps, like webshops, CRM systems, Point of Sale systems, marketplaces and a lot more.

What are integrations?

An integration is the connection between apps. You can define which flows you want to add to your integration.

How is the price calculated?

You pay a monthly fee for each flow you integrate. You can add as much applications and flows are you like. Sometimes we charge an initial fee, based on the app.The exact pricing of the integrations are listed on the integration of your choice. See the Integrations menu item on the top of this screen.

What happens when the apps I integrate are updated?

Updates are included in the monthly fee. So when your application is updated, we take care that the API is also up to date. Some updates of apps can influence the working of the API. When you are able to do the update of the app yourself, make sure you create a backup before updating.