Become a Partner

We are constantly on the lookout for leading companies to create partnerships with. By joining up with APIcenter, we will both be able to increase the level of customer satisfaction by providing a more complete service. 

We have hundreds of API connectors that include CRM, automated marketing solutions, ERP software, and accounting systems. We have just the right solutions for e-commerce and cloud platforms. Customers will never have to worry about data management again. 

Become an APIcenter partner

How can your customers benefit from our partnership?

  • Sync Data between CRM tools and marketing automation platforms to streamline processes.
  • Integrate ERP systems with top accounting software such as QuickBooks and Xero.
  • Take advantage of AI engines to collect data from various marketing and sales cloud apps
  • Enrich data by integrating data providers with CRMs to get the most valuable insights from it.
  • Stay connected with integrations between CRM tools and popular communication platforms like Slack.
  • Sync Webshop orders to CRMs and benefit from updated order statuses, customers grouped by basket size, and more.
  • Use one dashboard to monitor all integrations.

What does it mean to become an APIcenter partner?

Becoming a partner has numerous advantages. Here are the main reasons to consider a partnership with APIcenter:

  • We provide all of the necessary training so that you are completely confident with the full range of services.
  • You have personal support and access to our service desk.
  • Partners can use all of our features to create the integrations you clients require
  • If you can’t find a connector for your client, you can ask about new ones, and our team will check the options to create it.
  • Access our dynamic admin features to activate integrations securely, knowing we comply with GDPR.
  • Ensure that you are able to manage your client information while remaining secure and compliant.
  • Get more leads, whether vertical, regional, or by specialty. 

Partnering with APIcenter is your chance to increase customer engagement, optimize data and integrations, and prepare for growth and success.

How to become an APIcenter partner?

If your customers need personalized integrations regardless of whether you are an agency, consultant, or IT integrator, you can take the steps to join us. To become a certified partner, we have some requirements to ensure the highest of standards are maintained:

  • At least one of your team is certified with APIcenter; meaning completed our training and obtaining the basic certification.
  • You have a current APIcenter agency license.
  • You have a minimum of one customer using the APIcenter service.

We welcome the opportunity to get to know you better before being a certified APIcenter partner. Feel free to fill the form below to signup as a partner.