Seamless integration

Select your flows and ask us about the roadmap and timeframe.


Always up to date

Sync all data you select from the supported flows and you are ready to go.


Online Dashboard

In the online APIcenter dashboard you are able to setup the integrations and monitor all data

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Always up to date

Always up to date

While it would take you hours to copy data between Bol.com and jortt, APIcenter can do it in seconds. APIcenter is more efficient not only in cost and time, but most importantly: accuracy & security. A constant flow of data from one end to another has never been easier.

Access to API Center


With APIcenter you have complete control over all your data flows from Bol.com to jortt and the other way around. You can map the data exactly how you want it, and even invoke extra functions to transform the data when needed.

Exact Partner

Full transparancy

You will get access to your own personal dashboard in which you can see extensive activity logs for your integrations. See exactly which data was from Bol.com, and which data was pushed to jortt and the other way around. Add flows per your wish.

Configure your integration

What do you need for your integration?

  • Refund Synchronization € 7.99
  • Shipment Synchronization € 5.99
  • Stock synchronization € 2.50
  • Sales Order synchronization € 4.99
  • Product synchronization € 4.99
  • Customer Synchronization € 3.96
Total monthly: € 0.00 Get Started

Need a feature that's not listed? No problem. We support custom development. Please contact us for details.

More about the Bol.com and jortt integration.


The Bol.com and jortt integration is very easy to setup with the APIcenter wizard. Simply create a free account and start the wizard. You will be asked which integrations you'd like to add. Simply select Bol.com and jortt .

  • Add the API credentials for both applications. We will walk you trough it.
  • Add the flows you'd like to add, like orders, products and stock.
  • Then add some settings per your needs and answer some questions to setup the integration properly.
  • Finally pay 1 euro for the trial period. When you are happy with the integration you can decide to go for a paid subscription.


APIcenter constantly monitors your integrations, so if any integration fails for whatever reason, we will instantly notify you exactly with what the problem is. This way you can have your Bol.com integration with jortt fixed in minutes.



Nobody wants to be "punished" for their success by causing unwanted delays when the data flow grows bigger. Your data is business critical, you cannot afford any delays. By utilizing a redundant serverless architecture, APIcenter is able to handle any amount of data for your integration, without ever slowing down.

GDPR Proof

GDPR Proof

Our platform is GDPR proof. Transferring data is handled on the fly over an end-to-end encrypted connection without ever being saved on any of our servers. We only store logs to show to you. They are deleted on a frequently basis.