Email marketing remains a revenue generator; but only when used correctly

Email marketing remains a revenue generator; but only when used correctly

Email marketing has been around for years. Many forms of marketing lose their effectiveness over time, but this certainly does not apply to email marketing. This form of marketing continues to generate revenue, but only if you know how to use it correctly

Are your customers receiving emails at the wrong time, does it contain a message that is not relevant, or does it include the wrong name or pronoun? These mistakes can cause a falling out between you and your customer. It is of utmost importance to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. We are happy to give you 3 important examples of types of emails that generate revenue if you apply them properly.

  1. Responding to a customer’s activity

You can send an email in response to a customer’s activity in your web store. A customer may have requested an information brochure for a particular product in your shop. When this happens, you want to respond immediately by sending them an email in which you inquire about how they received the brochure. Another great option is sending an email when a customer has added products to their shopping cart but left the webshop without buying them. You can send an email to remind the customer that there are still products waiting for them in their digital shopping cart.

  1. Emails with interesting promotions and discounts

Maybe you want to showcase a new product, offer heavily discounted older products, or promote seasonal offers. That’s what promotional emails are for. We are all familiar with the kind of email that promote something at exactly the right time, like summer children’s clothing during spring, exactly when children need new clothes for the next season. Are you sending this email in autumn? Then the email will definitely be way less effective. This shows just how decisive the moment of sending an email can be for its success.

  1. Functional emails

Functional emails have an important purpose. These emails are sent after someone has placed an order. It is therefore very important that these emails are sent to the right individual. Sending an order confirmation to someone else who still has the products in their shopping cart and hasn’t placed the order yet would be a mistake. These emails can also contain an invoice or a track and trace code. Precisely because it contains valuable information that is very specific to the customer, it is very important that it is offered at the right time and to the right person.

Integration to ActiveCampaign

Email marketing can be incredibly powerful, but it has to be organized in the right way. All data must be correct, so no repeat purchase email is sent to someone who has returned the product and no congratulation email is sent to someone whose birthday won’t be until next month. The message has to be correct, so a personalized e-mail at the right time to the right person is incredibly important. You can easily arrange this by integrating ActiveCampaign. This integration is of course available via APIcenter. Want to know more about this integration before using it? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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