Shopify is rapidly becoming more popular!

Shopify is rapidly becoming more popular!

Shopify is one of the e-commerce systems that is growing rapidly in popularity. There are of course several reasons for this. With Shopify, you can try out the web store software for free for two weeks and you have the option of using professional themes that are fully customizable to your own corporate identity. You can use various payment options and you do not need specific technical knowledge to get your webshop running perfectly. Worldwide, the number of webshops based on Shopify grew by no less than 200 percent. Time to get to know Shopify better!

Over 2.5 million new Shopify shops

We won’t beat around the bush, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything. More and more people have become acquainted with online shopping because there were almost no other options. This has resulted in the emergence of many more online stores. Between March 2020, the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and January 2022, more than 2.5 million new Shopify web stores were established. That is an increase of more than 200 percent.

Shopify in the United States and Europe

Most of the 2.5 million new Shopify stores were established in the United States. Of all webshops in the country, no fewer than 2,666,627 webshops run on the popular Shopify platform. If we compare this with the number of shops in March 2021, we can see an increase of 178 percent. Within Europe, growth in the number of Shopify webshops can certainly be noticed as well. England showed a growth of almost 220 percent and France shows a growth of more than 320 percent. Germany shows the largest growth in the number of new webshops on the Shopify platform with an incredible growth of more than 480 percent. In proportion, growth in Germany is greater than in America.

Smaller entrepreneurs in particular choose Shopify

It is striking that it is mainly the smaller, often starting entrepreneurs who choose the Shopify platform. This mainly concerns entrepreneurs who want to distinguish themselves when it comes to user-friendliness, service, and quality of service to customers. They are entrepreneurs who want to do well but don’t necessarily have the ambition to become as big as or CoolBlue. The best advantage of Shopify is that there are many possibilities to improve the customer experience through establishing the right integrations. Shopify is very easy to integrate, which gives you an array of possibilities.

Shopify is easy to connect

A very interesting advantage of Shopify is that the platform can easily be linked to many different business apps. The right integrations provide more convenience, more effectiveness, and more time to spend on something else. This is because you can easily save time if you use the right integrations. Check out what’s available at APIcenter and get started. Can’t quite figure it out? We are happy to advise and inform you. Please feel free to contact us.

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