The 5 best e-commerce trends in the Netherlands to use to your advantage!

The 5 best e-commerce trends in the Netherlands to use to your advantage!

In recent years we have seen many e-commerce trends. Some trends become popular quickly but die out just as fast and are not worth spending a lot of time on. Other trends stay, develop, and become more prominent. Especially during the COVID-19 period, certain trends and developments have gained momentum due to the restrictions during this time. As of now, we can see which trends will remain popular and are important to use to your advantage as a webshop entrepreneur. In this article, we share the most important 5 e-commerce trends, so you can get started with them.

  1. Create an unforgettable customer experience

How shopping in your online store is experienced is more important than ever. Creating an unforgettable customer experience is something that can’t be overlooked. A good practice is analyzing the expectations of customers and in which way you use these to your advantage. This means, among other things, that you must ensure optimal product descriptions. No less than 76 percent of consumers indicate they find this very important. An even larger part of consumers, 77 percent, indicate that they attach great importance to sharp and clear photos of products. In addition, make sure customers can read reviews of others. As many as 7 out of 10 consumers like to read customer reviews before deciding whether to buy a product.

  1. Optimize the supply chain

Several factors have recently caused the supply chain to suffer. The pandemic is, of course, an important cause of this. An example is the recent shortage of chips, which meant that far fewer laptops could be delivered than usual. Besides this, many more examples of shortages can be mentioned. As a result, it has become an absolute trend to optimize the supply chain, with many entrepreneurs opting to optimize cooperation with suppliers. This concerns 44 percent of the entrepreneurs. An equally large group wants to invest in improving speeds and about 45 percent of the entrepreneurs have plans to invest in production capacity.

  1. Focus more on trading across borders

Cross-border trading is becoming easier and increasingly more webshop entrepreneurs are getting started with it. You can take advantage of international trade, but to do this, you must create a situation for your webshop in which this is possible. For example, the online content may need to be offered in multiple languages, but it is also important to provide checkout options in multiple currencies and delivery options in multiple countries. Is it worth it? Definitely! When looking at just the orders placed at Dutch online stores during the Black Friday weekend, about 15 percent of all orders were made internationally.

  1. Faster delivery and more clarity

Customers want to know what’s happening with their orders, especially when it comes to the delivery of their orders. In the past few years, same-day delivery has slowly become the standard. An increasing number of people expect their order to be delivered within 24 hours. They want complete insight into the shipping process so that they can track their package and know exactly when the delivery person will knock on their door. Within this trend, it is obvious more entrepreneurs are focusing on improving their delivery process. Shipping strategies are being improved, shipping and return policies are becoming more flexible, and shipping costs are reduced or eliminated altogether.

  1. More sustainable processes

Sustainability is important and it is a real trend to improve environment-friendly processes. It is important to be clear to customers about how you work towards a more environmentally friendly webshop, but it is also important that you continue to develop your techniques. For example, consider choosing eco-friendly transport or combining deliveries if you deliver the packages yourself. In addition, we also see entrepreneurs investing in specific ways to make their business more eco-friendly. Almost 4 in 10 entrepreneurs want to invest in the use of recycled, sustainable, or natural materials. An equally large group wants to increase the efficiency of the production process. In addition, almost half of all companies, 46 percent, want to invest in options for consumers to easily recycle products within the coming year.

Don’t forget to automate!

A very important trend that you definitely want to get started with is automation. A great number of options can be used, especially when it comes to integrations that are interesting for e-commerce entrepreneurs. APIcenter will of course support you every step of the way if you want to save time by using the right links. Take a look online at what we offer or contact us without obligation. We are happy to serve you.

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